About Us

Developer of Biogas Power Plants in Africa

Catalyse Energy converts industrial waste streams from the food processing industry into energy and organic fertiliser for industrial clients. We provide gas, electricity, and industrial heat using their waste, with surplus electricity sold to the national grid. Our waste is turned into organic fertiliser and supplied to the agricultural industry and local farmers involved in the organic food supply chain.


We help our clients reduce waste disposal costs and energy expenses. Surplus electricity is fed into markets where demand exceeds supply. Additionally, we offer high-quality fertiliser in a market characterised by expensive imported products, a lack of local production, and a need for improved agricultural efficiency and yield.

Catalyse Energy is a Dutch company with a biogas plant in Burkina Faso expanding into South Africa and Ghana, with further plans to establish plants across western and southern African countries. By offering a comprehensive service, our clients can save on energy costs and address their waste issues without diverting attention from their core business. Catalyse Energy also helps improve the green and social image of their companies. Ultimately, we aim to develop nature-positive and community-centred biogas projects.

Our Mission

"At our biogas plant, we are dedicated to converting organic waste into sustainable energy, fostering innovation, environmental responsibility, and community engagement. We aim to lead the transition towards a circular economy, promoting energy independence, environmental stewardship, and lasting economic vitality."

Our Clients

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"At Catalyse Energy, our vision is to lead the way in addressing the climate emergency through sustainable practices, reduced carbon footprint, and proactive environmental and biodiversity preservation. We are committed to integrating renewable energy sources like biogas, implementing eco-friendly policies, and engaging in initiatives that promote conservation and climate resilience. Our goal is to align our business activities with a steadfast commitment to mitigate climate change and foster a sustainable future for generations to come."


Repurposing Biomass (waste) creates new forms of energy and organic fertiliser, thereby building a circular economy.


As a founder, I am motivated by creating a positive impact, fostering innovation, and empowering teams to achieve their full potential.

Catalyse Energy was incorporated in 2016 in the Netherlands, to engage in repurposing and putting to prolific use organic waste streams, producing essential commodities like electricity, organic fertiliser, and other gas-based energy carriers. My aim is to scale up into other markets in West Africa, such as Ghana and South Africa.

“Catalyse Energy: Empowering Progress, Energising Tomorrow.

Join us in transforming waste into sustainable solutions for a greener, more efficient future. Together we pioneer the path towards a world powered by renewables



Catalyse Energy’s focus on people is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasising combating climate change, ending poverty, and achieving gender equality.  Overall, Catalyse Energy’s goal is to positively impact 9 SDGs by effectively balancing the need to reduce carbon emissions and create clean energy while providing sustainable livelihoods for the communities they serve.